Market Street March

Organizers from the Black Philly Radical Coalition lead the march on Nov 4 (Photo by William T Ross)
Workers preparing a store for riot damage stop to watch the march (Photo by William T Ross)
An organizer speaks from the Catto monument before leading the march east (Photo by William T Ross)
Marchers move east on Market Street (Photo by William T Ross)
March stopped at Independence Hall to remember Walter Wallace Jr (Photo by William T Ross)
Organizers from the Black Philly Radical Collective call for the release of Ant Smith (Photo by William T Ross)
The march garnered major media attention, including the Vice News team seen here (Photo by William T Ross)
A woman exits her store to raise a fist in support of the marchers (Photo by William T Ross)
Culmination of the march outside Mayor Kenney’s downtown home (Photo by William T Ross)




News from Appalachia to Philadelphia

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William T Ross

William T Ross

News from Appalachia to Philadelphia

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