Domestic Terror: Gun Sales Skyrocket

Jessie T., member of the Socialist Rifle Association, fires his newly purchased Remington 700 bolt action rifle at an outdoor range (Photo by William T Ross)
Armed individuals at the statehouse in Lansing, MI carrying out a show of force to oppose the state’s pandemic related restrictions (Jeff Kowalsky/AFP/Getty Images)
A member of the Hudson Valley Nubian Gun Club and her brand new Mossberg 12 guage shotgun (Reuters)
“Shoot Back,” May 30th— Protestors in Philadelphia say enough is enough (Photo by William T Ross)
Woman considers purchasing a semiautomatic rifle (Getty Images)
Dr. King’s Home After the 1956 Firebombing (United Press International)
Jesse T., member of the SRA, aims his Remington 700 rifle downrange (Photo by William T Ross)
SRA members lay their weapons upon a Pride flag in a display for social media (Arkansas SRA Facebook Page)
The author, training with a rifle while conducting research for this piece (Photo by William T Ross)




News from Appalachia to Philadelphia

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William T Ross

William T Ross

News from Appalachia to Philadelphia

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